The study activities for lesson one include:

  1. Reading from the textbooks, please read Introduction, Author’s Preface, and the First Week from A Daily Guide to Miracles and Successful Living Through Seed-Faith. Also, the Healing Scriptures booklet is required reading for this course. In this booklet, a brief commentary from Oral Roberts is provided for each healing scripture. It is highly suggested that as you read the assigned section, you mark the scriptures from the booklet in your Bible. In this way, you not only become familiar with these passages, but you have them readily available in your Bible for those times when you will need them for personal edification and ministry to others. For this lesson, read the scriptures and commentary and mark in your Bible the Scriptures found on pages 10-19; 2. Watching a video, please tap the video button above to watch the video lesson and take the quiz. After you have finished please proceed to lesson two.