The buttons below represent the number of videos for this course. When a button is highlighted this is the video currently loaded in the player. If you would like to watch a different video click on the desired button and it will begin playing.

Place the cursor anywhere inside the video screen and notice there is a tool bar located at the bottom. From left to right, you may click the pause button on the far left to pause the video. Click the same button again to resume playing the video. You may replay the last 10 seconds of the video by clicking on the circular arrow. There is a time counter in the event you need to stop the video. You may use the time counter to write down where you stopped and you may resume the video at a later time picking up where you left off. To the right of the time counter there is a white dot that advances from left to right as the video is playing. You may click and hold on the white dot and drag it to the right or left. This will allow you to quickly fast forward or reverse the video. The volume of the video may be adjusted by clicking on the speaker button. Click the directional arrows button on the far right to view the video in full screen and press the Esc key in order to exit full screen. Lastly, for most courses, you will find supplemental lesson activities for each video below the video screen.

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The study activities for lesson one include: 1. Bible reading, please read out of your Bible chapters 1:1 to 13:25 in the Book of Hebrews for this lesson; 2. Workbook reading, please tap the workbook button above to read the workbook lesson and take the quiz, and, 3. Watching a video, please tap the video button above to watch the video lesson and take the quiz. After you have finished please proceed to lesson two.


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