What is the anointing of God? It is that divine energy that comes upon you and separates you from yourself and fills you with His power! As a result, when you speak, it is like God speaking and when you act, it is like God acting. As a child of God, would you like to have more of His power in your life and ministry? The anointing breaks the yoke of sin, sickness, fear, poverty, demons, and anything and everything that is unlike the Lord. Are you and the people you know in need of positive results in your life? Would you like to function to the maximum as a parent, a friend, a neighbor, an employee, an employer, a minister, as a child of God? In this powerful course, Richard Roberts leads you in a study of God’s Word concerning the anointing of God and how to get it in your life. Also in this course, students study selected, giants of the faith, who have operated under a mighty anointing of the Holy Spirit. Students can discover key principles related to the anointing of God.

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