The book of Job can be a powerful force in shaping your understanding of God’s delivering power. Follow Job as he endures satanic attacks that come against him until God sets him free and restores to him twice as much. Psalms is the hymn and prayer book of Israel, and is deeply intertwined with our praises and prayers to God as Christians. We see God reaching out to people at the point of their need, receiving their repentance and praise, and blessing them, which continues today. Proverbs shares the best of what God had taught Israel. It can teach us how to get the best out of the life God has provided for us, rather than momentary gain, leading us to develop a more understanding heart and greater wisdom. Ecclesiastes reveals the way that human understanding can become focused on the dark and futile side of life, unless we learn to look beyond our natural understanding to see the Light of our lives, Jesus Christ, the Son of God. The Song of Solomon is a beautiful story of natural human love that serves as an example for us to follow, and also it offers a deeper spiritual message concerning the love that God has for His people Israel, and that Christ has for His church.

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