Of all the Gospels in the New Testament, perhaps the book of Mark can give you the best
glimpse of the power of Jesus in ACTION during His ministry on the Earth. Study this Gospel and get excited about Mark’s account of Jesus’ miracle-working power and allow it to motivate you to take more action for the Lord in your life and ministry.

The book of Mark begins with a vivid account of Jesus performing miracles and showing His power even over demons. To Mark, Jesus was the wonder-working Son of the Living God.

It is believed that Mark, who first traveled with Paul, then later with Peter, wrote mostly to impress the Romans, the rulers of the world. They controlled the armies and worshipped raw military and political power. They only respected power. Any sign of weakness caused them to despise anyone who was weak.

Mark, although not one of the original 12 apostles, had seen Jesus at work in wonders so dazzling that they exceeded all human power put together. Early in Mark’s Gospel, Jesus is seen stilling the storm-tossed waves of the raging Sea of Galilee. Rome and the Gentile world with all their vaunted power could not do that, let alone heal an incurable disease, cast out a legion of demons, or with a single word drive out the money changers from the temple.

The Gentile world, represented by Rome, loved power. But here is a Man Who, without military power, could change a demoniac into a gentle father, restoring him to his family. He could cast seven demons out of the town harlot and make her soul whiter than snow, cleanse lepers who were cast out of the cities, and transform a hardened criminal in the dying moments of his life.

And He could conquer even death itself and proclaim, Because I live, ye shall live also.

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