Luke, the writer of the gospel of Luke, also was the writer of the book of Acts. In effect Luke is a writer of two books in one, Luke and Acts. For the purposes of our study, we will teach them in two separate courses.

Luke was a medical doctor and probably a Greek. He joined Paul’s evangelistic and missionary team as a full-time member and was very close to St. Paul. Luke had the inquiring mind of a doctor. He was profoundly interested in every facet of our Lord Jesus’ life.

Study this book of the Bible to learn that Luke mentions Jesus as the Son of Man on countless occasions, more than any other writer. When he refers to the Son of Man, he is probably speaking primarily to the humanity of Jesus, who entered into your and my humanity, sitting where we sit, feeling what we feel, experiencing everything we go through, that He might be tested in every way that we are and be touched by the feelings of our infirmities.

Jesus, through His humanity, depending on the Word of God, His faith in God, and the Holy Spirit, would use only those things which are available to you and me as Christians today to overcome this world and the things in it and to be a triumphant child of God.

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